Tuesday, July 22, 2008

rosemary krust

'Give me slack or kill me' .....ahhhh the church of the subgenius, never thought I'd see that combined with 7"'s. My friend Travis moved to my tiny town in high school and my head exploded when he introduced me to Bob. I guess Rosemary crust loves the slack since they wrote this song about it...which by the way is completely opposite all the other tracks on myspace....hyper-tempo, garage shit, yelling 'Give me slack!' nothing like the rest of this contemplative effects noodling, pedal gaze. It starts with an indie rhythm strumming, lots of distortion and mesmorizing time, buried vocals, these two trade off on instruments, obviously when making sound you'll pick up anything. Psychically in tune with each other changing up the tempo and melody.

Why is that still exciting? To see what the next generation is going to do with Sonic Youth tools but a new set of ideals? It's not about it being done before, because in a way you really can't ever duplicate any of it. The time is different. It's about the accessibility of what they're doing, throwing away the rules again. You get it immediately and you don't. It's as deep as you want it.

It's fun to just create sound with no expectations, I'm kicking myself for not doing it more often....maybe that's the appeal of this two, they are kind of living it out for us until we can get back home and mess with our 4-tracks again.

Watching their first live show on youtube, I don't get a sense of weirdo posturing at all, they're just making some crazy noise...but not necessarily buried underwater as a part of the columbus scene, it seems like an honest discovery and experimentation. At one point he's sitting on the floor on the side of the stage fiddling with knobs and Katherine playing bass just keeps driving along the bassline.
I love two piece bands like this, and guy girl combo's? That's like the perfect balance of awesome....they gave up the drums for another layer of sonics. It's a lot of amazing sound that is going to take some patience, especially live. It's great to see these venues in MD, and that a band like Rosemary Krust is obviously thriving, having played 8 shows and a seven inch that's almost sold out.

But... there are a few left for sale at Spleencoffin.

Found it from this review by Volcanic Tongue:
Rosemary Krust
Spleenco No Cat

7" EP from this interesting boy/girl duo from Baltimore with a feel for primitive folk/pop forms ala K Records et al cut-up with the kinda charged sonic debris normally found floating around the skulls of the early Siltbreeze roster. Tough guy sounds for vulnerable kittens.

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  1. I cannot wait until this one gets to me. I agree about the boy/girl two piece duo, it's always awesome when it's done just right. This seems to come pretty close...