Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sub pop singles club 3.0!

Sub pop is reopening their singles club...I don't know whether to take this as another sign of the impending 7" apocalypse or just be glad knowing the single will never die. Is it reaching it's tipping point? The Jay singles might have been the first test. I guess I'm waiting for a Kayne West 7" or Lil Wayne single....which I guess I don't have a problem with in principle? It's just that they will be everywhere, and the misguided 7"'s will ruin all of them, or just seem stupid, with assholes and their collections....oh wait, that's me.
The 7" speculation, the wild swing in resale might be the time to get out. The impending 7" bubble could be ready to burst.

Whatever is about to happen I know I want the Tyvek and Mika Miko singles, plus there is some speculation about Jay Reatard possibly being involved. I don't know after the Matador debacle if we can handle another one....and that will really saturate the market, I don't know if we can handle it....if our wallets can handle it. Eventually I'm going to have to make a choice...and not buy some 7 inches all together. I can't imagine.
I remember a time when I would just buy whatever band I had kind of heard of at other music in their tiny 7" section. Now the 45 cup overfloweth.

I'm pretty psyched because it will remind me of the time I got the Iron & wine 7" through the old club and played it a million times and kind of couldn't believe how good it was.
I just love clubs where you can just forget about it and wait for the awesomeness to be delivered right to your door.
$75 seems like a lot but it's only $6 each and I'm sure they'll pack these up nice. I have faith. Plus you can rest assured this isn't some weird random label that could go under in 4 months completely screwing you.

....I'm still pissed about the Better Looking records club, I paid $23 for 2 7"'s and an album leaf CD I didn't ask for....bullshit.

Fact 1!
This run of The Sub Pop Singles Club will run for 1 year only, before returning to its secret island vacation spot for eternity (or until we here at Sub Pop feel masochistic enough to take on coordinating this debacle again.)

Fact 2!
This year’s Sub Pop Singles Club will include records (of the 7” variety) with music from such artists as Om, Unnatural Helpers, Tyvek, Black Mountain, Black Lips, Arthur & Yu, Mika Miko, Blues Control, Notwist, plus some stuff we’re not yet at liberty to divulge. And they won’t come out in that particular order, necessarily.

Fact 3!
We will mail you 1 record per month, every month for an entire year beginning on August 15th with a fantastic pair of songs from Om.

Fact 4!
For shipments to North America, you will pay us $75 in exchange for receiving this monthly boon from us. If you live elsewhere, in places outside of North America, we will require $90 from you.


  1. I am bummed about the Better Looking records club also. I have moved about 6 times since I joined the club. I thought eventually they lost track of where to send the records... but looks like they just didn't send them. I never received the CD? What was it?

  2. It was an Album Leaf 'Seal Beach' EP. But that's the last I heard of's too bad that Bright eyes split was great though.