Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wicked Awesomes / Ovoids split on Lost Space records

The Wicked Awesomes were mentioned the other day on terminal boredom in the 'killed by myspace' thread and I went to check them out. The track Test Patterns is coming from a 60's garage/surf/rockabilly place, complete with heavy echo vocals turned way up, peaking out coming from both channels. It's reminding me of the Mummies.... that kind of band that blew me away. They existed in that in between time...building on previous sounds, bringing a weird contemporary feel to displace it. Anything that sounds like this also reminds me of my first intro to this sound...Deadbolt. Maybe this will take a few years after they broke up or evolved to be appreciated. But there's more than just reworking that The all treble reverb guitar is holding it all together creating the melody lines for everything to work behind. They're mashing a bunch of influences together here, velvet paintings, 80's video games, all under the guise of surf-horror-punk (?)....like their name suggests, this weird mess is classic...there's nothing like hearing a song about an 80 gig ipod sung in chorus in 50's surf rock fashion. Nothing like moving forward to the past...

'On Fire' by The Ovoids brings us a little further into the present with a slowed down Husker Du sound...there's all the accessibility of somehow familiar melodies and great chorus with a removed slightly yelling vocal track a little off in the distance.

This will absolutely sound the best on vinyl and on a shitty one speaker, steel needle record player. It's a broken time machine.

Go to Lost Space Records (http://www.myspace.com/lostspacerecords) for ordering info or paypal $5CAD or $5.50USD to wickedawesomes@hotmail.com (email for prices outside North America)

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