Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fractured recordings - Recovery Box set

In checking out more fennesz stuff the other day I saw this amazing 7" box set of covers from him and tons of other artists. It looks like 20+ artists were given complete freedome to choose a cover that meant something to them and record it for this 10x7" set. All kinds of electronic artists... from Roji Ikeda to Matmos to Jason Forrest....the rest I'd have to research, I don't know most of these...but the covers should be amazing. Ryoji covers Back in Black! I don't know where else you'd be able to hear any of this...
Ah-ha, Michael Jackson, Wham, Motorhead, New Order...anything and everything is covered...of course it's like 60 pounds, so that makes it well out of reach, not including airmail shipping of course.
You can of course listen to samples from the whole series here. Some really insane interpretations.
It's a staggering collection, really impressive...who knows how long it took to put this together, and all completely unlicensed, so maybe it needed to be released overseas

Looks like I was a week too late on the Jay front....way to go. Last I saw Matador posted something about hopefully releasing it on the 19th....I guess they really meant the 12th. Oh well, it's better that I never even got a chance. And they tricked me...I should have been checking all along...but I have to eat and sleep once in a while....damn.


  1. fractured recordings4:42 AM

    hey jason

    Im sorry the price is out of reach. i totaluy understand. The box took 3 years to make and i self funded it to the tune of 20 k.
    I wanted it to be a relic a homage to vinyl and all the production is to the hghest highest standard - thus the price..and yeah postage is a damned arse - it's a killer.
    kamal at fractured

  2. It's a combination of the strength of the pound (as usual), the $100 barrel oil, and Bush Jr.
    I blame them.
    But I don't guess anyone in England is subscribing to the Columbus Discount records club either...oh well, thanks for including the samples...that really made me seriously start doing the math on the actuality of getting this.
    Really nice....glad I could draw attention to this.