Monday, August 18, 2008

fennesz - Touch 7 inch series

I love the idea that a guitar can create all this sound....on one hand you think musicians will always be using guitars, they're so versatile, but at the same time if you're making sounds like these than conceivably you could do it with any instrument, so what's the point? Are you making guitars obsolete or more relevant?
I'm really getting lost in the weird guitar manipulations of Fennesz, checking out the ambient looped stuff on myspace I don't know how exactly this would work out on 2 sides of a seven inch, how the break is handled because the original track was an 8 minute digital download from Touch, who just recently pressed it on vinyl. Unfortunately I couldn't find this anywhere but imported from Touch or other mailorder places overseas.
A track like 'A year in a minute' is really dense and full of every type of sound, it's really hypnotic but structured to be more than just ambient noise, it's like listening to that disintegration loops stuff, it's slowly changing and kind of needs a lot of time to get everything, let it sink in. The Touch label has all kinds of other experimental music from Ryoji Ikeda and the like, but I might look for one of these full lengths by fennesz domestically.

Fennesz-Transition-Limited edition seven inch pressing from fennesz on the touch label. Part of the ongoing touch singles club series. The single features two tracks never released on vinyl before. The ep opens up with the track on a desolate shore which featured as a very limited digital release on the touch website last year along with a totally exclusive track a shadow passes by. Both tracks are quite reminiscent of the sounds of his amazing endless summer album with lots of glitchy sound effects layered behind washes of fuzzy guitars. Both sides end in locked grooves so you can basically listen to the last few second for ever. April 2008-7"-Touch

This is available from Touch records, or roadrecs in Ireland.

The big Matador Jay Reatard sale is tomorrow, so set your alarms for 3PM eastern time.....more tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Big Jay Reatard sale tomorrow? I thought that was last Tuesday. Is there something I'm missing?

  2. Ummmm, it looks like I'm the reatard. Last time I saw the announcement on Matador it said release date the 19th....oh well I'm a jackass ....sorry about the false alarm and thanks for calling me on it.

  3. Anonymous11:02 PM

    That's so funny, I did the same exact thing. I didn't even check back to the Matador site until yesterday, and realized I missed out on it. Oh well. I feel your pain.