Thursday, August 14, 2008

Parsley Flakes on Hewhocorrupts records

I have to admit this listing caught my eye right away....a three piece synth punk band? Where do I sign up?
But they can be likened to the b-52's? Hmmmm, well maybe they had their moments in the early early days I guess? I can kind of get the punky Devo feel minus the ridiculous vocals.
Dead Living blows out this clean distorted synth chord and there's actually silence in between tape hiss, no feedback, it's a welcome relief from all the noise and lo-fi I've been obsessed with lately. It's sounding like BYOP a little with the yelling choruses but slightly distorted vocals, and layered guy/girl speed yelling. Handclaps are back, and there's a backing fuzzed out guitar which is working with this frantic but still melodic punk happening, especially in the breakdown, rapid fire acapella old school. It's very produced, really slick for the energy and near chaos....It's Chicago's answer to Brooklyn art/synth/punk for sure.
But I hate the name, it really doesn't make any sense with this sound, I was half expecting some kind of MV + EE action here, hippie shit...but maybe that's the point. I don't know, I still don't get it.

Get it from hewhocorruptsinc records.

PARSLEY FLAKES-Dead Living 7” (He Who Corrupts Inc/HWC021) $6.50
With it’s members cultural roots anchored in the rustbelt traditions of cold grey skies, unemployment and a collective sense of loss, Parsley Flakes dance-able sound may come off as a stark contrast to the their surroundings. Peel back their songs, however, and they reveal heartfelt lyrics reflective of their deadened cultural environment. Parsley Flakes is a three-piece synth punk band based in Chicago whose music has been likened to bands such as Devo, Crass, and the B-52s.


  1. Do you know if there's a way to order this that doesn't tack on $8 for shipping in the U.S.? Yowza.

  2. yea right. It looks like they have a media mail option for $4 but that's still ridiculous...didn't see that.
    I saw it amoeba records in LA but it was like $7.