Friday, August 15, 2008

Girls on Truepanther sounds + podcast EP 19

Girls is a bunch of guys from San Fran, who are are putting together some nice pop melodies, and this is not an Iggy Pop cover. It's jangly guitar, with some twee overtones, but vocally he's ranging from falsetto to deep jokey delivery, meanwhile sounds just keep building up on a catchy pop song....maybe like Ben Lee, the first solo thing he had... it was funny, really sincere, and you could hear the punching in of tracks, the birds in the background. First the handclaps, then tamborine, slowly building to this big punch....even a little jay reatardy.
Morninglight has the layers of guitar distortion working overtime and the underwash of vocals is very JAMC, or even later rocking sebadoh/jason lowenstein, very indie, kind of 1990's (in a good way), really different from the A side....interesting for sure.

Lust For Life b/w Morninglight
PS, US Ex-member of Holy Shit (the Ariel Pink one) goes out on his own and records a couple of mini masterpieces. The first single is two sides, two insanely compelling, righteously and messed up pop songs. Sounds range from Vaselines/Jesus and Mary Chain wall of noise to Elvis Costello-voiced revelations.
From TruePantherSounds

Episode 19: Matt picks more random singles out of the Nice Face, Pink Reason, Jay Reatard...we talk about the curse of the shitgaze, the mess of the Reatard Matador Singles and generally we talk a lot of shit.

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