Friday, August 29, 2008

XYX - ss records + Episode 20

Microvibraciones is on this single and their myspace. This laughing at the end of the track is truly frightening, I don't know what kinds of knob twisting is going on. It sounds like the recorded song track was mixed after the fact, the whole thing is warbling, slowing down.
It's got insane energy and succeeds completely in capturing the intensity that I have to hope the live show is even coming close to. The recording is really a feat in itself after hearing recorded stuff that doesn't come close to the punch of a live performance. They're working with the same set of instruments as Ima fucking gymnast: drums, bass and vocals, but the genius is captured here. It's coming from the synth punk place of SIDS or definitely the Liars and with all the heart and piercing intense vocals.
The track is epic and so worth committing to vinyl.
Anel and her problem the B side (?) is pummeling at just around a minute and then devolves into more vocal twistings...this is a must.
It's another puzzling equation, what are these guys listening to? Where did this come from? It's exciting to be so fucking dumbfounded.

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SS records:
XYX - Sistema de Terminacion Sexual 7" (S-S) $4
Stumbling on Los Llamarada was great (as well as pure luck) and led me scouring the web for other bands from Monterrey…and there were more, good ones too, but nothing that really knocked me out. Then a few months ago, Mou from XYX emails me and says, "We are friends with Llamarada and in some other bands that play with them. This is something we do that you might like. Please check it out." And me being a nice guy took a trip to XYX's myspace page ( I listened and liked. Liked a lot. A whole lot. I asked for more songs and said, Let's do a record. "When?" Now! ….and here it is! Four great songs with overblown bass and drums and really cool fucked vocals. XYX has a looping sound that reminds me a bit of Hubble Bubble, but in a post punk context. The songs (even when they are longish) are compact, but still full. XYX is a great band and this is a very cool record.

Podcast Episode 20: Special Sonic Youth edition! We play some old sonic youth, a peel session blank label 7" from 88, we talk about art school fostering bands in general, and the history of SY....

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