Thursday, August 28, 2008

pumice - from mimaroglu music sales

I'm getting some mixed messages from Pumice. On one hand on his site has a really nice 4-track recording with some really messed up vocals through some kind of tortured electronics, that I'm really into. Someone that can write a catchy half pop acoustic song with some nice changes, complete with drums and then decide to mess with the vocals like this, so drastically, that's what gets me on your side. It's not so precious you can't try something that has amazing potential. Or it's just the way you solved the problem of vocals. That's what Mellow Gold was made out of, no expectations...just deciding this was going to be good. Letting the mistakes turn into something uncontrollable.
But then the snippet of a track on the Mimaroglu site is just like some kind of million sound freakout. I really didn't think I had the right's all experimental and anti-song. I think most of the noises are being made with a human voice, just so insanely destroyed, it's something else. But I'm really intrigued if there's more like Brawl on this mini EP, combined with a good bent circuit here and there.

Get it from Mimaroglu:
*Artist: PUMICE
Title: Providence
Format: 7"
Label: 8mm

"New Zealand based Stefan Neville is Pumice. My first contact with his music was Pumiceraft (Last Visible Dog, 2004), one of the best record of the last 10 years if you ask me. This new single ep, contains 4 songs recorded in Us in 2006, during his residence at AS 220, Providence, RI. And its supposed to be the new Pumice classic! Tracks sound like the usual beautiful mix of fragile psyche-pop songs + near droning rock, all mixed in a lo-fi punk style! Comes in a classical snobbish cover printed by ilcanedicoda, with drawings by s.neville himself. 250 copies that are supposed to not stay here forever.

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