Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 of Detroits finest from Cass records.

The terrible twos are in the Abe Vigoda land of punk for me, putting together weird tempos and changing direction, but with a synth under the whole thing. More guitar driven based on other tracks from their myspace and even more punk in delivery and lyric especially in Pipebomb Pipebomb where it's all teetering on the brink of collapse in nightmare oscillating synth...everything seems to have that haunted house feel of the unknown.
The other side is of course heavy hitters the Dirtbombs who are back with a dose of cramps garage-soul...this is the last few copies of this one and that will be it.

Cass records says:
First off is a triple tour split single between Detroit's finest weird punks Terrible Twos, Alabama's wild man Dan Sartain, and the crappy Dirtbombs. This was sold on their West Coast tour back in May, we have some leftovers and once you buy one your life may be complete.

Bird on the line is on Micks myspace and this is syrupy slow trombone bleating number, that's vaguely Tom Waits in tempo and dirty dirty brass, rain and liquor. The guitar line is barely falling off the strings. Mick is straining to get the notes out in something I wouldn't immediately pick out as being Detroit based...maybe some kind bayu swamp in the automotive waste.

also available is the debut from "aw shucks" Mick Bassett and the Marthas. Mick writes a song that not only gets in your head, but it'll make you think as well. Does "getting in your head" mean making you think anyways? i don't know. he gave me "the keepers" on a cd-r over a year ago and i kept bugging him to let me put it out as a single. he wanted it on the b-side (weirdo) but my year-long wait is now everyone's gain. you will love it. i promise.

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