Friday, September 19, 2008

New Tyvek! Mladys.

I love that this Tyvek single reminds me of being in high school, fucking around in the garage, you don't know any better you don't care, partially driven by just wanting to get out of your town, meet new people. There's nothing better to do, and you have this idea that you don't have to be the next MTV band, your stupid town is good enough, and you are your own audience. As long as you and your friends have fun then that's just enough to get by inbetween getting drunk...except that these guys have talent.
But it's that raw sound of a tape deck microphone recording a live show...every day. Does it even matter this was committed to magnetic tape and then pressed as grooves? Obviously this is best live and begging for reinterpretation...but this single will have to do, and it's a damn good facsimilie for authenticity.
This song is actually deconstructing sidewalks....that someone is contracted to build this line in the neighborhood, the infrastructure it's kind of a futile attempt to stop decay.
I've already listened to it like 10 times.
Shit..... they are good

So far Mladys is speaking my seven inch language, I don't even mind the $10 min paypal thing...that makes sense, and I can spring for 2 singles...I'm trying to figure out what the other one should be. Bad Thoughts is pretty awesomely minimal, and all quiet basslines...tons more singles in the works too...I don't know where Mladys came from but they need a singles club like I need a giant hole in my 45's.
Ann Arbor Michigans answer to Atlanta's Rob's House.

Artist: TYVEK
Title: Sidewalk
Format: 7"
Label: MLadys
Country: USA
Price: $5.00
"Triple A-sided diamond from Detroits finest group! Like the future but better! Mladys is proud to release the latest (and our favorite so far!) Tyvek record! Holy smokes, everybody, its so radical." - MLadys

Podcast episode 23: Me and Matt listen to Mono...and talk about how great they are...we work through more amoeba acquisitions, like Errors, who are amazing. We ruin it by talking...honestly. Matt talks about his recording with Bad at Sports. We play guess that single. (It's Minor Threat), this sets us drunkenly talking about fugazi etc..for 10 minutes. Lucky you.

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