Monday, September 8, 2008

Dan Melchior

I've just barely broken the surface of this Dan Melchior's prolific career...lots and lots of albums, and it sounds like from a brief sampling of myspace that it's also bridging a lot of different sounds...more recently on the low-fi homerecorded front. Lots of others will be able to sum up his career better, siltblog, terminal boredom, ZGun. I'm not going to shed any light here, it's just one of those nice surprises when you think you've explored something to some kind of conclusion to find another branch on the outsiderish rock tree....
He's like a bluesy TV Ghost or Blank Dogs...that original sounding weird. I loved the 'No horizon No prescription' has that late night muddy beat, tortured guitar lowly bounced track underwater feel, but with all the experience to back it up. A decidedly English Ariel Pink.

I'm the last one to this party, and it's worth checking out for yourself. The latest incarnation is Dan Melchior and Das Menace currently based in NC.

Get it from Mr. Mechior himself or...
SS records:
Dan Melchior - She's So Blank 7" (Almost Ready) $5
Ahhhh you know you are hooked so why should I even try to push this on you? S-S's favorite Welshman ever. That's right: You can have your Roald Dahl and Dylan Thomas, shove your Manics and Tom Jones. John Cale? Okay, you got me there. Second favorite Welshman ever. But second is better than most. Buy this.

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