Friday, September 5, 2008

Bug House records + Podcast #21

Heard about this on terminal boredom and people were wondering about ordering and what singles they received, and I checkout out the website.

Singles Club: For 35.00 a year you will receive at least 12 Bug House Releases. Patches, buttons, cdr's, and other promotional items also included.
To join: simply send a secure payment of 35 dollars via paypal or send a money order to my p.o. box. (
bughouserecords (at)

I emailed Chris to ask what singles were out already, what ones he had in the works and how it could be so cheap! He emailed me back:

I don't know how it can be so cheap. I'm not realy putting much of a markup on the records....the labels are hand stamped...they're single sided with an etching. I'm basically just trying to break even.
People have been putting up with alot of crap from me too, I think I sent out 4 or 5 records about 8 or 9 months ago or longer, but the rest of the records have just been sitting on my floor gathering dust....To my credit thow, if anyone gets tired of waiting, I'm more than happy to refund thier money. So yeah, that about sums it up.
I'm a very poor business man/salesman...that's how the records are so cheap. Everyday I wake up hoping that today will be the day I get my label in order, and I sincerely believe that it will be soon...probably this week.
But that's what I've been telling myself for awhile now.

Just to be clear 4 or 5 of the singles in the series have gone out to subscribers.
But let's send Chris some emails, he sounds depressed.
This is a fellow 7" fan who is struggling with his label...not making any money, willing to refund people's entire cost....let's hope this is the week.

Podcast Episode 21: Matts still here, we play the box elders 7", Turbo Fruits, Iggy and the Stooges....before we were even Nirvana is classic rock? Yes.

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