Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dead Luke on Sacred Bones

Side A: Jumping Jack Flash Drive
Side B: Not Tonight

This is part two in the Dead Luke series on Sacred Bones (both parts still available directly)and I was lucky enough to preorder the box set of both which I have waiting for a night when I can take them in. The packaging on that thing is amazing, it has this metallic tape covered cover and all kinds of stuff inside..both 7"'s are in hand stamped paper sleeves...it's so homemade and one of a kind. I was alerted to this by SevenTenTwelve who first got me to take a listen to his myspace, where neither of these songs are available.
Dead Luke is in the Blank Dogs school but this maybe even takes no-fi and dark melting synth to an entirely different and more obscure place. It's like he's constantly fighting to be heard in this electronic void of metronome beats. The vocals at times can be so mutilated it's only creating more unrest and confusion. Truly dark....and there's nothing like it...one song could be future-psyche...the next Joy Division played through a distortion pedal and a bass amp.

It's also available from S-S records who has this to say:
Dead Luke - Record Two 7" (Sacred Bones) $5
Dead Luke's second single steps off into minimal synth of an Agent Side Grinder variety. The instrumentation is synth, rhythm machine, and slight percussion, as well a vocals. Good stuff.

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