Monday, September 15, 2008

Jonathan richman hates cellphones

Jonathan Richman singles are few and far between...full lengths for that matter. He has no official internet presence and this single makes perfect sense. He doesn't like cell phones obviously, if you can't tell from this song title. I can't find a clip of either of these tracks anywhere.
I haven't even listened to his latest album, which is ¿ A qué venimos sino a caer ? friend told me it's mostly in french? That's perfect, there's no pigeonholing this guy, he's his own audience. He makes me think the talent came first and then he decided on music. Of course that only goes so far, but I magine he would really be doing this...a success or not, he'd be on the street corner.
I saw him a long time ago at Maxwells and recently at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and he was amzing both tiny Maxwells or the giant music hall... he just works the crowd, with comments in between every verse, the familar songs are reworked with anectdotes...they might be the same every tour but they feel new, and he's having fun with everyone...he obviously thrives in the spotlight. Walking around the stage, telling stories about NY. He could change that song lyric based on wherever he is, but it doesn't feel like it. He just oozes sincerity.
It's a weird experience to stand in a completely quiet crowd and listen to a guy with an acoustic guitar hold everyone willingly hostage. Not a sound.

The weirdest part is I think you can get this single from Amazon?

Jonathan Richman
- You Can Have A Cell Phone That's OK But Not Me 7" (Vapor)
B-side is "When We Refuse To Suffer (Third Version)".

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