Tuesday, September 23, 2008

party weirdo on stitchypress recs

This was a super surprise and makes me think, why do I have predisposed ideas about punk to come out of dublin? The world is really becoming the same and I mean that in a good way...as much as some bands could benefit from geographic isolation, everything in the world can influence everyone. If you have a interesting song there's every possible way to get it out. I feel lucky to be able to experience this band online...someone I'm sure I would never have been lucky enough to come across.
Musically, they are exciting, the percussion is weird, the bass and guitar are fighting with little chunky phrases...the whole mess comes together into nice rock punk.....sure it's sleater kinney, but more interesting...for me anyway, because it's really playing with genre and feel more. Not just because it's breaking into a gender dominated world.
Not that Party weirdo aren't without their politics, you can't have this intelligent music without the DIY, Riot Grrrl mentality. That phrase is tossed around with any all girl band out there unfortunately, but Party Weirdo is the real deal, still convinced that a male-centric music universe needs a little fucking up... in the best way.

White Lung, The Coathangers and Vivian Girls make some room, this is seriously good shit.

It's really too bad it's from Stitchypress...which is overseas or from Road Recs that says:

the debut ep from this irish born and berlin based all girl three piece, released on the new irish label stitchy press who have also released the wonderful ghastly grimey orchestra album recently, the single is limited to 7 inch only and comes in a lovely screen printed heavy card sleeve, the single features chart your cycle, big chin and fight, some nice hard hitting no wave sounds meets a bit of the anger led riot grrrl sound with just a hint of guitar heavy punk funk thrown in, try to imagine a modern take on the no wave diy sounds of the early eighties meets the disjointed guitar heavy sounds of the likes of sleater kinney, the packaging alone is worth your €4.99, july 2007

I really wish I could get a copy of this.

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