Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lesbian Afternoon - on Hand Rolled Records

This reminds me of WHY? a little...It's a one man project from Mike Koenig ...all kinds of weirdness going on, random haphazard beats...the sampler recording everything, looping it back infinitely...with a wave of panda bear or even Animal Collective. I'm really into the surprises of just hearing a new sound....all of these bands are pushing sounds, trying to make something completely new. That is a hard thing to do, and with a pop kind of structure.
You can think, 'Oh... Well, Animal Collective does this already, why am I listening to this knock-off band' ...well it just doesn't apply to this genre, that's the inherent thing about this style. You could try to duplicate the sound all you wanted but it's literally impossible...even I'm sure for the band to try to do this live. It's just not going to happen....
Three Owls Teahaus has some backwards beats, eastern influenced guitar samples (?), layered vocals...then it all drops out for a minute and comes no particular structured way, but somehow it stays with you.
Plus it's on nice, swirl color vinyl, so you can stare at it and just freak out bra.

It's available from his myspace...

Mike says this about vinyl on Access Atlanta:
"For one, record stores will carry it,...Very few record stores will carry homemade CDs, which is quite sad because they're usually inexpensive and offer something unique to the listener without that annoying barcode getting in the way. It's curious. Records are more or less homemade as well, but offer a certain charm that tends to make everyone happy so it's a win-win situation."

Or stickfigure, who says:
*lesbian afternoon “three owls teahaus” 7” (hand rolled) - Don't assume anything when it comes to the psychedelic movie of sound that is Atlanta's forgotten son, Lesbian Afternoon. Having given birth to an avalanche of hidden records and surrealistic music videos over the past 10 years 'LA' is nothing if not consistent in his never ending quest to light up the darkened caves of one's musical imagination. This adventurous new 7" finds our Lesbian hero slashing through a melodic jungle of shoegaze punk with a circular bass riff and catchy vocals ('Teahaus') and then floating downstream on a bamboo raft of aromatic Lennon-esque pop, complete with backwards acoustics, subtle middle-eastern tones and a clever play on kissing off one's ex ('Joint'). Especially recommended to fans of Salvador Dali, My Bloody Valentine, people who enjoy playing tennis in slow motion, David Lynch, Deerhoof and the Ramones. Recorded in 2008 @ Underwater Palisades for Hand Rolled Records. On swirly marble gray, blue, clear & gold vinyl.

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