Wednesday, September 10, 2008

talkingmakesnosense - Instrumental Import

A Cloudcroft Mirror
B Summit Loop

This is an instrumental project from a strung together band name:...talkingmakesnosense...this name makes sense in the world of url's determining you're existence, just stick a .com on the end and your pretty set.
Dominic Dixon is the one man band behind these sounds...also creating video, photo know one of those renaissance guys with one hand on a laptop and the other putting up the show behind you on the walls. What's really fun is to open up his myspace and then his website and listen to the tracks build on each other.
This A-side: 'Cloudcroft Mirror' feel really deliberate, and organic...not that really electronic slant of processed sounds. This could almost be a bowed instrument...possibly synth sounds...a little Bladerunner/'s classical future sounding....
The whole thing keeps building in volume and a darker, lower register part overtaking the beginning synth piece, and slowly changing but taking over every frequency in your eq.
Looks like there are mostly a few CD-r's in his discography so far, so this vinyl single is a first. Only 200 copies....It can be had directly from Talking himself, or Benbecula records....or
norman records, who had this to say:

Talkingmakesnosense are responsible for the surprise release on Benbecula, a label that's been quiet indeed of late. 'Cloudcroft Mirror' is a heavy press 7" of all enveloping guitar feedback drift/drone that's ideal for this mans special Thursday ears. It sounds like sheets of metallic cloud being pulled through the heavens by a pack of spectral husky dogs. Ebbing, flowing waves of sweet, amorphous fuzz that reminds Ant of the sea. Parallels could be drawn with Fear Falls Burning or a denser Growing. It's certainly a fine chunk of heavy sonic ambiance! Check it out my chuck chucks!

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