Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chunklet - Zack Galifianakis + Ted Leo 7"

This just in!
Working on another post when I saw this email about a 7 inch picture disc from Chunklet...only available by purchasing something else from them, but that just makes it even cooler (and the shipping is expensive anyway, so you pretty much have to).
This has to be the only Zach G single in existence, and with Fiona Apple? That's insane. I remember seeing that video of hers somewhere, before I even knew who he was and thinking he was the best part, he's singing the entire song really serious and she's watching him cracking up. That's a weird friendship...I have to give a couple of points to Fiona for hanging out with this genius. That and the
video with Will oldham for Kayne, which is still amazing.
The crossover meter just broke.

Now this...The Ted Leo side...not such a huge fan, but I admire the exclusiveness of this's why seven inches are still'll want this or you won't, I can't decide..

From Chunklet:
Nobody thought it could be done, but it's happening! Comedian Zach Galifianakis! Ted Leo! The Pharmacists! All on one seven inch single! Yes, you read correctly!

One of the world's most innovative comedians, Zach Galifianakis, joined up with comedian AD Miles, record producer Jon Brion and Fiona Apple (yes, that Fiona Apple) to record the ultra-danceable track "Up In Them Guts". We guarantee that it'll soon to outpace "You Look Mahvelous" by Billy Crystal but will only come close to touching anything off Joe Pesci's solo album.

The flip is by Ted "Rockstar" Leo! Yes! Teddy went into the studio with his Pharmacists and recorded "Rock'n'Roll Dreams'll Come Through" which is a song that was originally made popular on The Best Show on WFMU and featured on "New Hope For The Ape-Eared" CD by Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster.

Both tracks are exclusive to this single. The first 500 are on picture disc!

And as with previous singles, it won't be available in stores! It's only available with purchase, and only has it!

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