Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vivian Gils (!!???) on In the Red

I'm going to assume this is the Vivian Girls and maybe this was just misspelled on the In the Red website for some reason...but neither of these tracks are on the full length that was released a little bit ago, that I was hoping was out on In the Red already so I could put the two together...but still not yet...and I check a lot. Can't wait to hear this full length on vinyl.

I still like the full length a lot, you can hear the work to capture this echo guitar, drums harmony sound...I completely love it. It's in the same ballpark as the shitgaze stuff, but only in the way that the sound isn't's strain to hear a little bit for the melody that keeps coming around. I was listening to The Yips and then Times New Viking...and it's like no time passed at's literally the same hiss tones...amazing.
This is something that can honestly be listened to over an over because you can think of it as the cutting edge of a new scene or a long lost album from the late 90's that no one but you knows about.
Why are they getting so much attention? I think they weren't following anything happening around them, they just went whole heartedly for a sound they adored. You can hear how much they were in love with these influences. It's genuinely good..catchy, worth repeated listening without maybe not being in the mood for feedback and noise assault or underwater distortion.
It's kind of mysterious...who are these girls? What were they listening to when they took this direction? They still would be a touchstone if you heard it driving by or blasting from a window and smile...they aren't so supersaturated yet.

I have no doubt they will be because they are great for all these reasons. Will that ruin it? I Jay Reatard ruined yet? I don't think Blood Visions can ever be quite frankly. It's going to take a lot.

I'm afraid they might breakup before a sophomore album even, and it will just live as a perfect piece of timeless genius.

This is what keeps me up at night...jesus.

VIVIAN GILS - I Can't Stay / Blind Spoto 7” single

The first release by Brooklyn's Vivian Girls has arrived in the form of this handsome two song seven inch single featuring two incredible brand new songs exclusive to this release. By now their praises have been sung from Terminal Boredom to Pitchfork to the New York Times. This is one case where you can believe the hype - this is GREAT stuff.

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