Thursday, September 4, 2008

gun outfit on PPM records

From Post Present Medium comes a new single from the Gun Outfit. I was just reading about Dinosaur Jr in Michael Azerrads Our band could be your life it definitely made me want to go back and revisit Living all over you and I can hear the parasol comparison here. It's got that kind of not trying too hard vocals...very Thurston-esque, and something very low-fi about the guitar just sounds immediate...the vocals recorded in the next room, that late night kind of thing. But not with Dinosaurs guitar virtuosity...which still ... have to say, I never loved.
I always remember hearing Lou Barlow side projects and his hate for the solo...likewise you won't find any of that here...just tons of carefree chords and nice backing female vocals.
I think it's two guitars and drums, which aren't all effects, it sounds like just an amp footpedal, or the MXR's a call back to indie songwriting...not trying to blow you over with sound...just sincere love of indie guitar...and power chords.
The lyrics jotted down on a bunch of napkins...this could easily fit in with the late nineties 7" scene...Eric's trip...when everything seemed like it could be recorded in someones dorm's a particular rhythm this is reminiscent there's an indie BPM or something.
It just sounds...dare I say...nice.
There's two other songs besides 'Your will' on the PPM myspace.
Like a low-fi Blood on the Wall, but focused on a particular guitar sound. Not trying to sound like the entire 90's...just like one month.

By the way, the Liars/No Age split 7" is still available now you have no excuse....pick these two up.

This review from Parasol:
Gun Outfit
PS, US An amazing new band of rippers from Olympia, WA taking you back to a time when riffs were weird & hooks were strong. Influenced by Meat Puppets & Dinosaur Jr., these guys create a sound equal parts melody, jangle, pop & punk. Released on No Age member's POST PRESENT MEDIUM label.

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