Friday, October 17, 2008

austerity program 7" on Hydrahead

Where the hell have I been? Austerity Program kicks ass.
I made a note of this being available at Aquarius and I just got around to giving this band a good listen.
First off...I feel like there are a few different camps of instrumental rock:
The Epic, drawn out emotional distortion instrumental of Explosions in the sky, This will destroy you, Red Sparrowes.
The mathy, jazz freakout technical fest of Tortoise, Don Cab, the Foals and finally a combination of the two....the minimal math distortion, uber metal of The Fucking Champs, Shellac and maybe, A Minor Forest. This fits into that final's technical metal and then this vocal comes in that's Albini-esque yelling...and with a sense of humor.
But I'm listening to song 17b (all the 'songs' are titled this way - they say to take it up with Don one gives them shit about their names) and I love the way it changes into more and more stuttered punches of bass....real primitive and hypnotic....this can't be a drum machine. They mention a drum machine every other sentence in their bio. The guitar follows the kick, then it's off the kick, then a high hat's so ordered and these lyrics are really ridiculous, I mean people will look at you funny..and little kids hide this from your parents, they will start to ask all kinds of questions and make you go to Sunday School and see councilors.

Austerity Program: Limited new Hydra Head 7" from this way cool metallic drum machine noise rock duo.

Available from aquarius...all gone from Hydrahead.

The podcast is on it's can be sure it's me and Matt, drunker then last week.

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  1. Right on with Austerity Program. Great review!