Thursday, October 16, 2008

Le Jonathan Reilly / Christmas Island split on Shit in Can records

Just got an email about this a few days ago from the French label Shit in Can records.
2 bands, 2 sides.....
Just getting around to listen to these guys...
It's funny Christmas Island is really bringing back a kind of kinder gentler Dead Milkmen, there's a little of that nasal, whatever-we're-going-to-sing-about-whatever-we-want attitude. Like in 'Doin' swell' it could be 'Bitchin' camaro', but then again 'Morning Sunshine' has a kind of naive Ben Lee quality...with a touch of no-fi? Just messed up, not on purpose, just sincere.
That feels like a real shit description.
It's like No's fucking intangible...but something of an undefinable sound that keeps coming from every direction.

Le Jonathan Reilly has maybe a more bluesy kind of something from Rob's House. Stripped down, kind of a weird maybe unintentional edge because vocally it might be their second language. But I loved the messed up solo from 'Incitatus', which is on the single...really crazy distortion, impossibly played.

The usual suspects are at play here...tic tac totally, FDH, In the red, sacred bones, woodsist...the major players...they are all's a tiny world.

This is cool that there's a few tracks by each on both has to be 33 1/3...and the art is killer, I hope the printing is nice. 2 new bands 4 songs, it looks great...I don't need those 8 euros anyway in that sock. I'll never make it back to Europe....

From shit in can records....

** Shit In Can Records strikes again. **
"Phew, for a minute there I shit my pants..."
Le Jonathan Reilly (Valencia, ES) and Christmas Island (San Diego, USA) have teamed up for what's to become the best goddamn record of 2008 (yeah I know about Catatonic Youth and Kim Phuc already). Their brand new 7 inch features 4 songs and 1 cover. We co-produced this one with the mighty FDH Records from Philly (Blowtops, Kidnappers, Jay Reatard, etc.) and the only thing I can tell you is that you'd better buy it now before it's too late!
artwork: Arnaud Loumeau
1. Over My Shoulder
2. Humid Dog
3. Incitatus
1. Scared 2 Die
2. Morning Sunshine (The Idle Race cover)

Our records are 7€ ppd for Europe or 8€ ppd for the rest of the world

trades welcome


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