Monday, October 27, 2008

Bobby and the soft spots on Rob's House - 7"'s cure cancer

Robs House latest comes via a completely redesigned website...and that's where I saw a new Jacuzzi boys 7" is scheduled next month....nice. And the weakends LP...I've been hearing good things about them, and heard their 7" from Rob's House...more french invasion, garage...weird.

'Just can't get her off' is the A-side From Bobby and the Soft Spots...I think he might not only be referring to someone being literally on him but probably something of those innuendo's. I also keep thinking he's saying 'Just can't get enough' and this is a garage/punk cover of the Depeche Mode classic....yea right.
This is rowdy bar, american 80's punk, or late 70's...a lot of chorus, power chords. It's the kind of thing you couldn't ever imagine anyone getting pissed off at a bar and throwing something at. It's born out of those's the default music for a beer bottle smashing, chair throwing time.

But most importantly all proceeds from this single go to helping Bobby fight his cancer.
This is Rob's kick ass cancer curing 7".
Who knew.

Now I can finally feel good about buying yet another single.

rhr044: Bobby & the Soft Spots -
coming late october bobby ubangi [the lids, gaye blades] fronts this drunken mess of atlantans called the soft spots [feat. members of gaye blades, spooks
and beat beat beat]. if you've heard any of bobby's previous output you'll know he's a craftsman of the three-chord garage sing-alongs with some of the most poppy lyrics written and these songs are all that with a bit more beer. classic ubangi! [1000 pressed; black vinyl, co-release with DSH ] side a: can't get her off. side b: i don't need you.

*regretably, bobby has been diagnosed with some pretty nasty cancer. because rob's house loves him so much and in an effort to offset some of his medical expenses all proceeds from this record will go straight to bobby.
order at

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