Tuesday, October 28, 2008

notwist - boneless

I don't really know Notwist. I know they were on Zero Hour a million years ago, and my friend Tim had a friend who started that and he used to get free music from them. I know he got a notwist album from them, but I have no idea what it sounded like.
I was reading some little description of them being a hardcore band and turning to more electronic. I like the vocal quality here, it's recorded kind of hushed and really clean...musically it's maybe a little Postal Service...not as extreme. In that case you really have to give in to the super pop of the foreign electronics...this is more tempered, not so over the top 1995. Just sounds that can't exactly be live.
This track 'Boneless', is really catchy, singalong, but still sounding playable and natural...not so synthy that it gets super dated or just too much...the other stuff is pretty heavily electronic, which is ok, it's just that ambient slow electronics I can do without. They're using a lot of string instruments with the electronics which I appreciate...it's just not experimental enough? I don't know.
The B-side is a Panda Bear remix, which I think has him reworking the vocals...check out I guess I'm floating for a rip of the Panda Bear B-side, which I like a lot...there exists a panda bear filter and it was heavily applied....nice.
The video for boneless is like this homeless skater kid in brazil huffing glue and riding around...it really fits with PB's ambient, world music aesthetic.

This can be had from Domino USA:

Highlighting the stunning experimental pop of The Notwist's latest opus, "The Devil, You + Me", comes the Boneless 7-inch. Side A includes the piano-driven pocket pop masterpiece, "Boneless" in all its album version glory. Side B features a sunny, tropicalia tinged remix by Animal Collective's Panda Bear. A vinyl exclusive, featuring two of independent music's most progressive and respected artists.

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