Thursday, October 23, 2008

carcrashlander - on PIAPTK

Carcrashlander: All Y'all 7". From People in a Position to Know records:

The thing that first struck me about Carcrashlander is that home recorded, complex, composed endlessly layers and layers of tracks and chopped sounds. It has an early Beck sound, when you are still in love with every sound and you can literally hear the discovery, being open to the mistakes and setting them up as a sample...not knowing any better. Like Hayden. I wonder what happened to that guy...I remember hearing about him in Spin or something and getting that first album...ahhhh the days of affordable 4-track cassette recording. But I on 'All Y'all' there's this driving hammond keyboard sound with a screaming gated guitar and Cory's blended airy deep dissasociated vocals. I'm going to throw another reference in here...Chad's the same kind of carefree blending of styles, some Neil Young, some backwards drum machine, interesting beats...slide guitar.
Or like Grandaddy, the double vocals, kind of and chorus. If you can tell I've been listening to it for the past week or so and all these things come to mind, but they are all bands trying all kinds of things, like CCL.
There's a huge split in direction on the two sides. The A is an uplifter but the B-side is going to take you down into the depths of quiet, near abyssmal melancholy. But of course he's got range, what else happends when you're left to you're own devices.
I could have just been listening to the Smiths too much but 'On Single Night' is reminding me of 'Sing to me to sleep'...the slow acoustic piano, the atmospherics...there's a bass sound that is completely below any human hearing and then a chorus of horns start. At first I was trying to figure out what sample he's using but this is Cory Grey's home turf playing trumpet live on tons of indie albums both instruments being his strong suit.
I'm loving the vocals too, like a deep Jay Mascis, slow and layered...

This has to be at 33 1/3 to fit all four of these tracks in...

Side A
All Y'all

Cashing In
Side B
One Single Night

He's also playing here this CMJ insanity week, Friday the 24th the Knitting factory.

PIAPTK says:
Carcrashlander is the solo project of Cory Gray, a Portland-based piano-player and trumpeter. He also currently plays with Norfolk and Western, Graves, and performs studio sessions with countless other Pacific Northwest bands. He was formally in Desert City Soundtrack, and has played on recordings by The Dodos, The Decemberists, Viva Voce, Laura Gibson, Tracker, Darren Hanlon, Southerly, and many others. Carcrashlander’s epic folk can be at times both gloomy and optimistic, down beat or uptempo, hushed or bombastic. They will be touring throughout the fall and winter, including a showcase at the CMJ festival in New York City. The 7" is in a limited edition of 400 copies on green marble vinyl, with hand-screened jackets.

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