Friday, October 24, 2008

elephant micah on Great Pop Supplement

This makes perfect sense on the Great Pop Supplement, it's quiet home recorded almost sebadoh-esque to me. The sound of a not so perfect acoustic guitar in a room with live drums gives that song a sincerity that all the tracks in the world can't capture. Kind of sounding like M Ward, a 4 track Neil Young, Iron and Wine...with range. I'm listening to this 'Loud Guitars' release and it's exactly what you think it'd be, completely the opposite of quiet, alt-country which is the majority of his other work it seems.
Now there's no myspace...which I completely understand, but plenty of stuff on his website for browsing...and downloading entire albums, where you can donate what you want.
It looks like most of his output has been CD-R, this is maybe Joe O'connell's like 3rd release on vinyl, and damn I want to hear this, and go back and listen to the 'Home of Astronauts' 7" which is still available for $3! from 3rd Uncle.

GPS32 Elephant Micah “Equine Emblem” 7”
Following a number of wonderful CDR releases and the incredible “Hindu Windmills” full length on Time-Lag in the U.S, comes this vinyl only EP, “Equine Emblem” on The Great Pop Supplement.
Four hauntingly beautiful pieces penned by Kentucky based Joe O’Connell.

“Return of the Gentle Rider” opens the EP, a predominantly acoustic / drone / feedback laden, slow builder which gives way to the gorgeously fragile, vocal only “Game Reserve”. An incredible piece with a seemingly ‘recorded in one take’ feel.
Side Two opens with the late night blues of “A Harmony (with horse)”, before closing the EP with the violin and banjo hoe-down of “Rocky Ripple Meltdown”. A beautiful record -housed in sweet screened sleeves and one of the best on the GPS so far… LTD TO 370.

thegreatpopsupplement (at) for a quote for shipping....which is something like 7 pounds....I think.

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