Friday, October 3, 2008

Frank Fairfield on Thompkins Square

I don't know anything about Frank Fairfield. He sounds like those photos of dustbowl families. It's interesting when a musician takes this first have to absorb that lengthy history of the origins of this style, the very beginnings of blues, of rock, and then you'd think you want to expand on that.
It's super traditional and this label is really out there with ultra authentic organic music...James Blackshaw has a bunch of stuff out on Tompkins Square and they are carving out this unique niche of celebrating unique talent.
Frank's got a lot of instruments in his arsenal, and he looks around 25 but sings like he's ninety. It's a pretty interesting choice for fleet foxes, but I'm worried about this guy being fed to the weird jock contingent that seems to be latching onto the Foxes. Booing and completely ignoring this guy who's probably 10 times as talented. It's a weird choice for sure, but maybe I underestimated FF. But like My Morning Jacket (and I know I probably just don't get it) but it sounds like emo-country. Long songs with exaggerated vocals...look I haven't even been able to get through the Fleet Foxes all the way through so take this with a grain of salt.

From Tompkins Sq:
Tompkins Square label has signed Los Angeles-based musician Frank Fairfield. He will be main support for Fleet Foxes on their US tour this fall.
The label has released a 3-song digital single, and a 7" single featuring Fairfield's take on traditional tunes "I've Always Been A Rambler" b/w "Darling Corey." An album will follow in early 2009.

Podcast Episode 25: Matt and I play some Mono, talk about seeing pelican live...being stuck on a desert island with only one instrumental band, aerial themes. We play the Red Sparrowes / Made out of babies 3x7" split/crossover, talk about the judgment night soundtrack...weird smashed together bands...Body Count. Then we switch gears and play Bearsuit - both sides!

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