Thursday, October 2, 2008

party fowl on PPM records

This kind of has a Pixies kind of feel, the way the pixies kind of combined these obvious things, or Blood on the Wall, enthusiastically pulling from the best things of an era and sounding great. It's high speed, lots of Minor Threat influence with distorted vocals. But then it changes up a little for the next track to a sort of rockabilly or something. I could love them like 7 seconds in the garage on a tape deck, skating back and forth trying not to fall.
This makes perfect sense on PPM and opening for the whole Cali crew at the smell.
I'm even hearing a little's party punk, but with lots of blues scale sounding guitar at super high speed. Power chords and breakdowns. Bring back the 80's california punk rock. Gleam the cube.

From Parasol:

Party Fowl
PS, US 4 kids from the beaches of Southern Califonia who come together to write punk party songs & skateboard. PlainM &ed siiummple, to the point of raw, they are here to shred & they don't give a fuck. Have toured w/ other cool acts like No Age, The Dils, Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, etc. Released on No Age member's label POST PRESENT MEDIUM w/ silk screened cover art.

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