Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No age - Teen Creeps - on subpop

'Teen Creeps' is always the one I play when I'm playing them first for someone, it has all the elements of a good no age song...that kind of up front washed out vocals, and weird rhythm.. the way it uses that late 90's quiet to overwhelming wall of sound formula in a new, immediate way. They can't wait 15 seconds into the track before a tiny melody blows up into two hundred waves of guitar. Just two's staggering.
They really do recreate this sound live. They do have some electronics and are turning on the loops as much as they turn the guitars up to 11. They are both integral to the sound....I'm's amazing, you and your best friend could kick this much ass....or come up with as much melody out of the murk of fuzz. I really can't comprehend the sounds going on behind the scenes here. But as much as I love a stripped down sound, they add just enough to keep it completely interesting.
I mean I guess you can get a little annoyed they are probably blowing up too fast, the live shows can't be as good as the tiny venue's they played when they didn't care. It takes a hold of everyone. Let's face it, they are trying to become a affect some kind of change if they are lucky. I'm not going to fault them with trying to make this their living. I can't fault anyone for that...if you have enough fans, then good for you. Could we get along without your new sound? Sure....does the world need another genre, or album for that matter? Not really.
But I would try to do the same thing in a minute and so is the kid down the block who got a guitar for xmas. Then what? I want to know about some new shit, but then a bunch of people like it and I'm going to get pissed? This is a never ending cycle.
Am I a hippie for thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if the world was a bunch of bands all buying each other's music?


Did I mention the B-side is exclusive?

Get it.

Pick your poison....from Sub Pop:

New No Age 7" on Sub Pop released in time for the upcoming Shred Yer Face Tour with Los Campesinos and Times New Viking.
1. Teen Creeps
2. Intimate Descriptions

Or Insound.
Is it too much to hope one of the singles in the club could be from these guys? They love the's only a matter of time.

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