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Mudboy - Mudmux Vol 1 on DNT records. Interview Pt2

This is another single I got a little confused at what speed it's meant to be's certainly frantic enough at 45, but 33 sounds just a little too slow, so 45 is what I'm sticking's more bent elecronic-y.
(Tynan says it's most definitely 33 - ed)
Immediately this is really creating some kind of 90's horror movie theme tension, like any good John Carpenter soundtrack.... combined with all kinds of clipped and cut up beats behind panning back and forth. Quiet sinister wind howling, breathy noises and I think there's a conversation ...or some kind of human voices somewhere in the mix.
Apparently this was an old midi file unearthed on a floppy from what I'm getting was a previous project from mudboy called Extreme Animals(?). Or maybe he just knew them to get permission to use this? This track originally entitled 'Raprockpoprocks' now dubbed 'Lil John Carpenter Tribute Song', which leads me to believe there's some lil' John samples/influence in there somewhere, along with the mixed in metal clanging, and cymbal crashing which pokes out over the synth line every few measures.
It increasingly gets electronic and glitchy and takes you out back where it started on
slow deliberate synth bassline.

The B-side takes you in a completely different direction...originally by the DarkDarkDark band called 'Come Home''s all accordion and slow vocals from Nona Marie Dark. Another ominous track Mudboy devolves into tempo bending slowness by the end, drawing out a single word for seconds, turning them spectral. The voice turned ghostly entity who is asking you to come home...but probably by now means come home to die. The vocals are two different takes layered across channels
with real huge separation. I'm getting the feeling Mudboy tends to take things on a dark path, and gravitates towards working this kind of thing.

Mudboy seems to be somewhat of a renaissance man based out of providence and has done sound installations, builds custom instruments and sells artwork/music releases on
his site.
The DNT packaging as always is amazing...this is no exception...the printed sleeve is ultra thick ink and almost seeps through the other side...real handmade and one of a kind.
Mudboy says:

Cover art is a hand made blue and platinum 4 pass silkscreen by R Lyon in collaboration with
Kevin Hooyman. Using an experimental marbelled printing technique to generate the skyscape.Each one is unique. Limited to 535.
All of them on clear Blue vinyl.
Apparently this is part of a series of reworking various material across a bunch of labels. I haven't been able to find any info an Vol.2, but I'm guessing it's going to be a mixed bag of cassette, 7", and CD-R.

S-S records has this to say: Mudboy – Mudboy's Mudmux Vol 1 7" (DNT) $5
Eccentrics seem to gravitate to the organ. From the straightlaced dudes romping on movie house pipe organs to soul masters like Timmy Thomas to underground heroes like Quintron, the keys off an odd home. Mudboy is the name now burbling about the organ underworld. His album on Not Not Fun is a great mind blitz. Here he embarks on what is to be the beginning of a series of him screwing around with other people's songs. On Mudmux he remixes or adds to or something songs by the Extreme Animals and DarkDarkDark for one eerie ballad of sorts and a tune that resembles an outtake from a soundtrack of odd movie music. On blue vinyl. 300 press.

Available direct from DNT or ssrecords

As promised
here is Episode 31, the last part of the interview with DNT records....the mudboy track is played at the end although I'm kind of convinced now it's supposed to be 33 not 45 as played...oh well.... you be the judge.

From Raphael himself........
PPS- extreme animals isnt an old offshoot of mudboy- its a separate band, part of paper rad sort of. Just buddies.

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