Thursday, November 13, 2008

A place to bury strangers

I was recording a podcast this weekend with some friends...kind of a Matt(x10) situation and I gave up playing singles and started playing Crystal Stilts. My friend Ryan brought up A place to Bury Strangers having a similar sound, and I happened to come across this single on Insound....but the only thing to me that's the same is a lot of reverb and feedback...even on the drums.
I think the thing that separates A place.... and JAMC from Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts is that the Girls and Stilts don't ever rely on or hope for feedback, it's just a warm, really distant sound, very controlled. A place... want the soundscape of almost pure sound...a shattering high pierce feedback on sustain...well.... god knows what effects are in a chain from the strings to the amps. Like Justice Yeldham or something, take the sound that's so taken for granted and really make it unrecognizable.

The track here 'I know I'll see you', has a real early cure phased bassline punctuated by waves of just metallic washes of neverending string sound.
But this track feels a lot gentler than other ones like Runaround.... screaming, overmodulated guitars, that alomost take over every other sound...I kind of thought my laptop speakers were a little fucked up for a second or it was skipping streaming from myspace. It's super JAMC here...down to the drum machines....I wonder if they use tthem live? Either way I'm guessing it's hard on the ears.
I think my only disapointment is that this was then this was remixed for the B-Side...ouch.

It's available from Insound: VINYL FORMAT. Double A-side featuring a remix from The Clapp. A dark metallic ring of the gritty tin of guitars, "I Know I'll See You" is a saw-soaked raw track, fusing Factory Records-esque mystery with addictive pulses of eardrum piercing austerity. Static-laden sonic qualities create sounds that evolve to sound like a slinky Werewolf attack of saturated distortion; hardly surprising given front man Oliver Ackermann's sideline building hand-wired guitar pedals.

Now it's all making sense after checking out this pitchfork video of the Death by Audio space...this is the guy from A place to bury strangers. That space is huge and as amazing as I thought it must be.
I bet he keeps the best sounds to himself.

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