Friday, December 12, 2008

Cold Cave / Crocodiles / Blessure Grave on Down in the Ground Records + podcast EP 35

So let's see here, brand new label, tri-split from Down in the ground records, and a podcast with a brand new label Stumparumper records with it's founder Pat.

First the single:
The crocodiles are like some no wave nightmare... a lot of really nice sounding messed up feedback... Hell, I can like anyone that uses feedback like this...lots of distorted yelling, mechanical drums. It's pretty catchy sounding, like later JAMC. God, I reference them a lot, but really it's that kind of mondo post punk fuzz sound. I guess I didn't get much further than that's my reference...or like a Place to bury strangers/cramps. Better? No.

Cold cave is working with clean's really kind of dancy, they could make a killing crossing over into some euro-disco scene...or like Daft Punk...take themselves seriously for a minute. The track 'Sex Ads' sounds like the drum pad from a cheap keyboard was run through a couple distortion pedals and then a first....a casio SK1 human voice sound is used for the first and last time successfully by an artist. I'd recognize that sound anywhere.
He's really deliberate in the's all compressed, the distortion is's not left to chance. 'Always someone' on the other hand is working with the glitch in an epic way...there's thousands of sounds here on this digital shitgaze track. Disintegrating, swirling around in this haze of malfunction. The only other single I've seen on Hospital productions is long gone, this is about the only thing at the moment, other than a 12" on fusetron.

It really reminds me of seeing this band in high school at this local college. It was a dark basement, and this guy had a backing drum machine/synth track on a walkman. He was all gothed out singing in the middle of this room of 5 people. At the time I just wanted a huge show, tons of equipment, lights...what the fuck was this? I bought a tape...I think it was called 'the Love of Death' or something ridiculously pretentious. Sometimes I would play it when I was waiting tables at Dojo's. I have to find it and put it on vinyl. Maybe the label I start would be one of those labels of just weirdo found music.

Last but not least is Blessure sounds like there's real drums and guitar doing the same things stylistically as the above bands....this would be one hell of a lineup. Why does this sound optomistic to me? It's very Joy Division, the vocal effects are great. It's really true to that dark sound, lots of tom beats, that chorus guitar.
On 'Steps' they actually use an acoustic and get even darker, with this pulsating darkwave synth's done in a kind of low-fi way that doesn't push it into ridiculous territory. it's hard to explain exactly how these bands are getting away with this. I'm sure you could play something from the late nineties that would sound nearly like this, but might be too ernest, to aware. This is done in homage, still sincere, but pushing the electronics and throwing in a few lessons learned from contemporary projects, but then throwing it away. Who knows how these guys will do...there's a mystery around it on this level that I love.

They are playing all over LA in Jan, if you are on the west coast, make sure you catch these guys... most of the dates are with the crocodiles actually.

Just found out about this, but there can't be many copies left...get it from down in the ground for $7.

Let me know if anyone gets a test pressing...


One track from each band. San Diego's Crocodiles (ex-members of bands you liked/hated) give us something special from the past and the future simultaneously, whatever that means. Listen and it'll make sense.
Philly's Cold Cave lives up to their name. You will be left uncomfortable and aware of everything around you.
Blessure Grave combines 80's goth, neo-folk and post punk into something all it's own.
Artwork by Mark McCoy of WOUND fame. Limited to 540 copies: 40 hand-numbered test pressings w/ alternate covers, 100 solid white and 400 solid black. All orders of 2 or more will receive one white copy and the rest black.

3 random orders will receive a test pressing along with their normal copy as a way of saying thanks and hello.

For the podcast this week I talked with Pat from Stumparumper records who is starting what must be the most limited edition run of singles I know about. He's pressing some of his projects in editions of 20 with peter king....that's podcast episode 35. I think it's the perfect example of the future of vinyl...small batches of you and your friends music. It's not hard...Pat's doing it. There's no reason you shouldn't either.

Or me for that matter.

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