Thursday, December 11, 2008

wounded lion on ss records

This is how it goes most mornings with these bands.... you start poking around their myspace and some of their links...their blog....then 5 labels later you've purchased 4 or 5 singles and there goes another week's lunch money. You swear this time you're going to have to have peanut butter and jelly to make up for it.

Of course I should have looked at this single earlier coming from SS...but they need to slow down or something. It's just getting really hard to keep up with them, it feels like every other week, I'm trying to put together an order.
Give other labels a chance once in a while.

Wounded Lion is the kind of band it takes less than one minute to like. No screaming synth or layers of indiscernible hiss here. Not even terribly recorded in any way...wounded lion is playing that...well....let's say produced garage rock. Lyrically they rule...right away this line from the first track on the myspace it's perfect:
some people are friendly
because they're crazy
There's nothing not to like, it's masterfully the Unicorns, they have a sense of humor, but are doing everything they can to be serious. There's a washboard on the track for god sakes. But it's nothing you'd find on a farm. It's heavy, grinding distortion...the crafted melody is so familiar, it's not shit gaze, just sincere. I'm so looking forward to this single. When they are more obscure I'm right there with them...minotaurs, and firing arrows into rabbits.
Where I lose them is when they start to go a little off the deep end with songs like 'Degobah System':
if you're going to the
degobah system
get ready for some wild shit
people with
asses for faces
It's funny as shit, yes. I keep listening to it, and it hasn't gotten old yet. It's just hard to take them seriously....I like Star Wars as much as the next guy, but it's an easy target. I guess it never gets old and that's forgivable?
But then there's a Muppet Babies song? They do it pretty sincere, but just barely. I mean...guys... stay away from the kitch shit, you have awesome songs, great songwriting, but the Muppet Babies thing almost completely killed it for me.
Maybe the fact you can pull this off makes it that much more special? I'm torn....It's hard to let myself like it, I really can't help it....I want to hear it again. Especially on vinyl.
It's like they are trying to sabotage themselves in a strange overused/outdated pop reference way....very interesting....

the muppet babies are poisonous
the poison is strongest when they're babies
I should know
Shit, that's also sheer balls of genius, I can't believe I keep playing this over and over.

You know what...just go look at this video for pony people it's pretty amazing. They can put the lyric and rock together in such a perfect, oddball way...when it isn't about something borderline Tenacious D. (ok, it never goes that far....Wounded Lion is interesting musically always)

7" still available from SS, for the insanely reasonable price of $4. It will make you purchase some other things as hank IV, Los llamarada...hell...there goes the rent, (I mean I have to have electricity or this is all pointless).

Los Angeles gets a bad rap. Through our TV sets, we know it as a city of shallow glitter, brutal cops, and urban unrest…and, sure, there is that, but there are also lots of everyday folks, living unpretentious everyday lives. We also forget that Los Angeles has had a very healthy underground music scene, as it does today. Take the everyday folks and drop them into an underground scene and you get something like Wounded Lion, a great no-frills pop band who sounds fresh, even when they remind one of classic American power pop of the 70s. Inspired by The Amps, The Cramps, The Clean, and The Vaselines (as well as Credence Clearwater Revival and Kleenex), Wounded Lion can regularly be scene in LA haunts such as Mr T’s Bowl, The Smell, The Scene, and Spaceland. And now you get to hear them here, on their recording debut. The songs “Carol Cloud” and “Pony People” are two great poppers, hum-inducing, toe-tapping tunes which will wiggle their way into your brain and have you singing their choruses while at the grocery store or waiting in line at the DMV. This is perfect pop for the dying days of summer and the start of a new school year. Wounded Lion! "This thing is the best single of the year by far," says WFMU's Brian Turner. 600 pressed.

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