Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hank IV dirty ponch on plastic idol records

I lucked out and bought this single from Hank at the Los Llamarada show at the Charleston...not realizing it's sold out at the source from Plastic Idol...I'm just sad I missed them play before Los Llamarada.
Apparently this girl pictured on the sleeve is the one in the song 'wearing a dirty poncho'. That's not exactly what I pictured her to look like at all. The song is kind of driving guitar-centric heavily chorused jams. There's a lot of people singing along, extra layers of tracks yelling 'Dirty Poncho!'. It's kind of garage, scummy rock and roll. You can hear the smoke and cheap beer cans. They play real trashy bars and fall over drunk before they go on.
Jesus, where do I come up with this stuff? It's catchy guitar rock, but not super fancy, like you couldn't get a beer with these friends of friends.
The picture above however is like some model who posed with her bottle of heroin and cigarettes. After hearing the song I picture someone more like this:

They have a nice set available on WFMU I've been listening to this afternoon.

HANK IV-Dirty Poncho 7” (Plastic Idol) $5.50 First time in stock? New Siltbreeze album out soon. “"Dirty Poncho" b/w "Symptomatic" is the first 7-inch single from San Francisco, California's HANK IV (members of ICKY BOYFRIENDS, LEATHER UPPERS, RESINEATORS, etc.). The title track is destined to be a classic Hank IV tune; a gripping narrative and locomotive-like pace hypnotizes you, and then a catchier-than-the-clap chorus knocks you on your ass. Brilliant! "Symptomatic" is a toe-tapper that boasts wicked dueling guitars and awesome lyrics. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies; 400 on black vinyl and 100 hand-numbered copies on opaque yellow vinyl with goldenrod dust cover and resealable sleeve (sold at record release show only).”

Is it on SS records? I don't think so, but the full length is.

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