Tuesday, December 2, 2008

John Peel - mystery box of 7 inches + Amber Alerts

After john Peel's death a list was published of all these singles he kept under his bed, for whatever reason, they were his most influential, favorite, given to him by the artist etc...but there they were in a box under his bed.

That's how I want to go, but at the moment it's a couple of cases...and not in any kind of significance or order....just the way it is. I have a huge reorganization coming. Like that scene in high fidelity, they are going to take up the whole apt. I'm going to need a few straight days of stepping through the piles.

Yesterday I came across this message board thingy where people have been compiling zipped MP3's of every single on the list...so far they've gotten almost all of them. Most of the contemporary ones are missing...all the White Stripes singles on the list for example, but there's some cool obscure stuff still available to download and check out.
Figure out the mystery.
Go check that out.

I think Mr. Peel would also appreciate this offering from Florida's dying: Amber Alerts. I can imagine him hearing a lot of Buzzcocks and punk in this electro-leaning garage band, singing 'My dick is the bomb'. That's the combo that will always make the most sense, incorporating local elements....cheap keyboards, drum machines, cheap recording equip...using it in the basements and garages of suburbia, or the warehouses in the city....it doesn't matter what exactly the 'instruments' are, it's what's being done with them, the attitude of carrying this plan out.
'I hEr u screemz' is my favorite...garage-fi, just enough low quality to make it scary. The vocals get more and more frantic in the background and the far away yelling is awesome, it starts out kind of hardcore punk...this guy has a great voice, it's separated in both channels. Everything has great room sound, but the vocals are ruling over all the layers of drum machines and keys. It's a great mix of rehearsal space and 4 track sound...the best of both worlds. These guys are blending it all together the low and hi fi, really successfully. Keeping the edge from the original recording..or the scratch track or whatever...good stuff.

Title: Ghoast Houze
Format: 7"
Label: Floridas Dying
Country: USA
Price: $5.50
"Heavily synth damaged punk rock from some shit-heel teenagers in nowhere Alabama. Featuring a member of Wizzard Sleeve." -Floridas Dying

Available from fusetron or Florida's dying

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