Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Long Legged Woman from Thor's Rubber Hammer

This label, Thor's Rubber Hammer is less than 6 months old it looks like according to their website.
I heard about this on the Art for Spastics blog/podcast. Always a source for excellent singles. It makes me want to give up a little on my unprofessional you call that a podcast. But I hope there is an audience out there who can stand listening to a bunch of jackasses talk over singles and an occasional interview now and then.

Long Legged Woman is a little sloppy, a lot blown out, all kinds of layers of distortion except for a guitar in the left channel, kind of a little clean...but very No Age vocals, they aren't so washed in echo that they are impossible. It's that very deliberate separated layer that's really far away, it's literally quieter than everything else. Or they take the whole sound after it's been at full volume, compress the whole mess, sing quietly on top of it with more delay, then punch it up again?
Who knows.

There's a tempo change that brings everything down but it still gets louder. Easily sounding like something Blood on the Wall. That channeling all kinds of previous 90's sounds and attitude from all era's and coming up with something new.
For some reason I keep getting this ringing guitar sound in my head like on 'Keep it Like a Secret' ...weird.

Listening to their myspace, all of that sounds wrong, the single is completely different to me anyway, from the offerings here.This is more metal/punk/experimental, so I'm curious to hear where these two meet. That's my favorite.

Working hard on the year end list to be unveiled tomorrow.

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