Monday, December 22, 2008

Vivian Girls - new single=good...t-shirt=bad

Surf's Up fun pack? I know that looks like a joke, but check out their new site That site is new, and this 'fun pack' was just announced on the blog. It's a shirt, 7", postcards and button for $20.
I got news for the Vivian's winter. This might be some kind of joke, and I'm not saying I might have some extra Christmas money but I don't want that crap fruit of the loom white shirt! Jesus. I hate those things, they fit like a box...and white! Forget it, the first time I eat it's going to be brown. I know I'm a t-shirt snob, but it's kind of like selling a beach towel and a frisbee...I want music! Although I might actually order that.
I'm just torn because it kind of seems like a waste. Environmentally it's not responsible. I guess I'm going to have to let that one go. Sad.

But I want to support them, and this $20 is going right in their pocket...I'll probably come around and let someone cooler than me wear it.
I remember posting about the US Girls with their latest single with the Beach Boys cover and thinking it was the Vivian Girls... looks like they had a single coming out with a Beach Boys cover as well. I wasn't that far off. The Beach Boys make perfect sense, the harmony's, the pop sensibility. There might be a little Brian Wilson in the experimental recording...but I never really saw their genius anyway. I know Pet Sounds is supposed to be amazing...and as I'm writing this I know I'll go listen to it again just to make sure....I doubt it every time.
Or it's just so commonplace now that I can't even hear how groundbreaking it was.
I still love when Vivian Girls come up, the punk harmony buried under a sea of distortion. It's pop in the way Times New Viking isn't. It's new and old at the same time.

Ok they got me, here's my Christmas money.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Why does it "look like a joke?"

  2. Maybe it's the 'Wild World' 1983 graphic or liberal use of Miami Vice colors? Or the name 'Surf's up fun pack?' Don't get me wrong but this aesthetic and sound don't exactly go hand in hand.
    I took it as a joke.