Monday, December 8, 2008

Paw Tracks holiday single

Another year and another onslought of holiday singles....I think the Dave Bazan is still available at Suicide Squeeze, (nope... ed)....I've seen one at Subpop by low then this email from Paw Tracks was in ye olde inbox friday.

this single is now available:
Paw Tracks is planning a holiday seven inch single.
One side is Reverend Green featuring Kria Brekkan and Antony of Antony and the Johnsons. Another side is Abby Portner's (of Rings) new solo project Drawlings. Release date is December 9th.
(just ordered this morning.....ed)

The Reverend Green side is an orchestral loop from old vinyl with a duet from I guess is Brad Truax and Kria Brekkan? You know.... this Animal Collective miryad of members I'll never get straight. I guess that's the point. It has the seal of approval from this virtual factory of interesting offerings from who knows who collaborations in paw tracks HQ.
The Drawlings side has samples of horses, sleighbells, other farm animals, wings flapping, all kind of through the panda bear hazy, hyptnotic filter. Lyrics about mom and dad, Christmas, presents...perfect for nights of hot toddys around the fireplace. This seven inch is for all christmas mix cd's you'll have to make for friends to put out by the punch bowl.

Or in the UK It's available from Norman recs or Boomkat where you can hear both tracks....appreciate it.

Amazon says (wtf? amazon?):
This 7-inch comes courtesy of Care Kacky's 45s, the singles division of Paw Tracks. Side A is Reverend Green (a.k.a. Brad Truax of Home and Jah Division). Antony Hagerty (Antony & The Johnsons) along with Kria Brekkan (Mum) lend their distinct voices on this inspirational meditation on self development and the importance of earth awareness. On the flip is the first solo recording of Abby Portner's Drawlings, recorded with the help of Dave Portner (Animal Collective, Terrestrial Tones) and Rusty Santos (The Presence). A haunted children's carol that'll make you glad you're inside by the fire. Limited edition: 1,000 copies.

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