Friday, December 26, 2008

The Smiths - 12x7" on Rhino

I was lucky enough this year to get a bunch of amazing reissued smiths singles, but I had no idea they have been compiled into this box set!
I'm going to take this as another sign of a vinyl's aftershock. To be able to press 10,000 copies that I'm sure they aren't going to have any trouble selling. Rhino Uk won't ship to the states but I saw it at Ameoba in LA, or ebay. It might be on insound, but the site is down right now for a 4.0 overhaul, so no link.
I've always seen these come up here and there on ebay....usually as a lot that goes for a ton. But thanks to this reissue it's possible to pick them up again from your local record store. I can't argue with that. I think if something is demanding these high prices, it should be reissued. I'm a 7" socialist...spread the wealth. I don't want to hoard that White Stripes subpop single. I wish there was a cheap repress....I'd definitely get it.
I think it's messing with my head a little and the subpop year 3 club. People must have bought it just to ebay because they go up the day they show up in the mail. It seems like they could have pressed more...and then the whole Matador/Jay debacle. It has to turn people off from seven it's this unattainable thing you don't even want to touch. It perpetuates the comic nerd of the vinyl world. So I'm the simpsons comic book guy of 7" records. I've come to terms with it....but I'd like to have a few friends. (cue sad bastard morrissey singles)

12 singles issued chronologically...and this really puts that time period into's incredible to see these B-sides. When you bought a Smiths single you were getting 'Asleep', or 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want'....there weren't any throwaway 'remixes'. Just a perfect single. There's nothing that can bring me back to high school than a Smiths tape on a crappy walkman bouncing around on the back of the bus.

With a couple of them that are completely impossible to get...weird sleeves and never before issued stuff, it's pretty amazing. It should help to keep the prices of these in check a little too. I always tell myself I'll bid on one here and there...I mean...I know it's a lifetime of work. The holy grail of White Whale.
Thanks Morrissey.

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