Monday, December 1, 2008

US Girls on Cherry burger

CBR-001 U.S. Girls Kankakee Memories EP

SIDE A: So Ladder Strong / Come See Lightly
SIDE B: O What A Nite / I Can Hear Music

I first saw this listed on the KDVS top 20 as being from the Vivian girls, so that's when I contacted Cherry burger to ask if they had a new Vivian Girls single coming out I didn't know about and they politely wrote back the artist they represent is US girls.
Then I saw this is at Academy and from SS records, so it most definitely has nothing to do with the Vivian Girls and more to do with the shitgaze sound. A severe mess of melody rising out of the murk.
The impression I got from the myspace tracks is the impressive amount of's most likely synth but again it's hard to tell with the reverb/distortion/overmodulated sounds happening. The vocals kind of become another sound...words are chanted, sung out long to really get a crazy tone.
This is in the Dead Luke, Digital Leather, TV Ghost, Pocahaunted family of demented late at night seance computer ritual, 4 track recording glitch equipment...cans, metal microphones...nightmares of machines.
Perfect for a Monday're late to work, the coffee machine is broken, and you swear this is the day you quit.
Let US Girls help you.

$6.75 from Cherry Burger records

This is from Volcanic tongue:

US Girls
Kankakee Memories
Cherry Burger Records CBR-001

New four track EP from Megan Remy, with a bunch of tracks that confuse the late-night Suicide style of her Siltbreeze LP with a new-found – though still seriously malformed – pop aesthetic that would marry stomping Nancy & Lee-styled psych-pop with stomping one-drum rhythms, sheets of fuzz and a narcotic, basement atmosphere. Also features an inspired take on Phil Spector’s “I Can Hear Music” as made famous by The Beach Boys. Highly recommended.

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