Monday, January 12, 2009

banjo or freakout

There's nothing better to me sometimes than a good pop bedroom project, whether it's with a 4 track...well who's even recording to tape like that anymore, or multiple laptop tracks. Recorded in the dead of night, or impulsively like some kind of diary everyday. It's really like being inside someone's head.
Alessio Natalizia has one rule:
my rule is to record every track just one time. no second chance. but i can adjust things by changing the sounds with my cheap mac software.
You can hear that, the dense insanely layered sound, it starts with a note, a tiny guitar melody that's manipulated into swirling hazy echoed choruses. A click or hit on the desk is repeated and played can hear the evolution, the frantic kind of OCD to capture the stream of consciousness. I appreciate it so much.
It's really inspiring me to get back to some old recordings I always start and then abandon using the same rule.
At the same time as haphazard as the rule might be, beautiful layers of Person pitch type things are coming out, it's amazingly ordered for being one take, building on itself. The LCD soundsystem cover is just icing on the cake. Really amazing and catchy...there's a foundation of pure genius songwriting here and all that leads me to sadly say I don't know where to get this other than from No Pain in Pop which is a long airmail trip away. Someone tell me where to get this please.

Get more inside this project on the banjo or freakout blog.

Found out about it from Norman recs:
Banjo or Freakout? There comes a point in everyone's lives where they must ask themselves this question. 'Mr. No'/'Someone Great' is a 7" featuring a nicely relaxed and floaty bit of indie on the A-side, maybe in the style of a more distinguishable Animal Collective whose new album YOU ALL MUST BUY, with its echoey vocals and electronically manipulated acoustic niceness it places you on a raft made of clouds and gently pushes you down the toxic waste-polluted stream of your mind. 'Someone Great' is and LCD Soundsystem cover, not that you'd guess it you weren't familiar with the original because the bloke behind this release has turned it into something all his own.

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