Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Idle times on Woodsist records

Woodsist is a name to trust in just plain new sound. If they are pressing this stuff into vinyl, then I am confident it's worth a listen. And God Dammit they are right down the street on Bushwick Ave. That makes the Wavves 12" even more special...it's like the neighborhood label I can get behind.
And they probably make it through the postal service more times than not.
This latest offering from Idle Times is really blown out, humming amps, cranked up with tons of reverb. The vocals barely make their way out from under the all treble high hiss of tracks and tracks of cymbals.
This is another solo, one man project. That really had to blow people away...to be able to record with yourself. Play the drums back and record the guitar parts. Rhythm sections cowerd in fear of being replaced by track 3 and 4. Interesting times.
'Get your feet off the ground' has that kind of psyche sound, all guitar based, stuttered, half stopping right at the end of a phrase. It makes for this weird rhythm that's a little off. Distortion screech solos here and there. Low, muttering layered vocals complete this rehearsal space side project. I love the way these drums sound....I can't tell if they are recorded first and they get kind of buried and then pulled out with weird eq-ing or there's a shitgaze pedal that just came out.

This can be had from Woodsist or Fusetron:
Title: Get Your Feet Off the Ground
Format: 7"
Label: Woodsist
Country: USA
Price: $5.00
"Debut release from 27 year old Brian Standeford. After the quickdissolution of his previous band Tall Birds, Standeford began recording songs onto cassette in his Seattle home using a Tascam 4-track, practice amps and a toy drum kit. Loner bedroom psych at its best. Edition of 500 on black vinyl." -Woodsist

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