Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is one hell of a split, I'm surprised is still available. I first heard Pens from Mark's show out of Vancouver, PopDrones, I highly recommend his podcast, especially the 2 best of '09 shows, they are killer. I think he even played this single, which I saw I made a note about but never posted...just checked and ordered a copy from Midheaven:

CROCODILES / GRAFFITI ISLAND / DUM DUM GIRLS / PENS - Four Way Split - Art Fag - AF 005 - 7" - $ 7.00
***A four-way split 7-inch from these up-and-coming young faves. You get CROCODILES' "Hollow Hollow Eyes," GRAFFITI ISLAND's "Moon Tan," DUM DUM GIRLS' "Brite Futures," and PENS' "The Weekend Starts Here."
A 4-way split is guaranteed to have at least one band you're interested in, between the 4 of these guys their fans should have picked up every one. The Crocodiles, for instance have sold out on every other single...this is the last one left!
The Dum Dum Girls sound is that crazy Crystal Stilts echo chamber overload, with sort of Zola Jesus vocals...I mean that's a supergroup combo sound right there. The Hozac single, and captured tracks released are excellent. I love those girls, I hope to see them in NY at some point, I missed them too much.... That's right, they are coming to Mercury Lounge at the end of Feb.
Been hearing tons about the Crocodiles. They were on that 3 way split with blessure grave, the Down in the ground one, have to go back and pay attention...see that's what these spits are all about. They made enough year end lists to get my attention, didn't realize they were on Fat Possum, they seem to be going in all kinds of directions lately. I have to say I kind of trust this, if they are willing to release Wavves and Townes Van Zandt on the same imprint...well, I'll go along for that ride.
Graffiti Island, another band I've been coming across but haven't given them a proper listen. They have 4 import singles that I can't bring myself to pay shipping for, so this is the next best. I keep wondering if I saw them at Monster Island...or I'm confusing them with Christmas Island. Wow, a lot of choices there.
Last up is Pens, like I said I owe Mark, I can't get enough of these guys...and their from the UK? What!? Way to go... but of course it's too bad they won't be touring here anytime soon. Their full length is that perfect mix of tune, no-fi, punk, melody and 80 track livingroom jams. Like the Yips, who I romanticise, but just were the punk duo no fidelity ideal. Pens are just great, this is the track I'm getting this for. The rest honestly is just a bonus.

I don't think any of thee tracks show up anywhere else, I didn't look too extensively, but they should be exclusive to this...right? Wait, the Pens myspace calls the track I thought was called 'High in the Cinema', 'The weekend starts here'? Oh crap. Well that's a great song. One of their best. Why don't I ever check that before I paypal? I don't have any answers. I order first and ask questions later.

Get it from Midheaven, I think I said this before but I'll be damned if I can't find the Art Fag site, or blog...just the myspace, it keeps jumping to some bullshit ad's search pages....what the hell?! I want to order your records!

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