Wednesday, January 13, 2010


God damn, just heard about Jay Reatard...what a shame. Nothing about how he died.... so fucked up.
I was just reading that piece J. Barrett did about him in Best Music Writing '09. I've been trying to contact him because in it he quotes Jay as saying Blood Visions was a concept album:
"only a few people caught on to that. ...It's about this stalker guy. I put myself into this exaggerated, sensationalized character where I just took my own personality and multiplied it by 10. Some dude wrote his senior thesis about it and posted it online. It was like 16 pages, where he breaks down every song. I think he was the only person who got it. It was wicked man - it's like he was on acid or something. He got everything right."
I would like to think he was possibly talking about this review I did of Blood Visions in April '08 for Vinyl Fanatics who I wrote for very briefly.

But then again I'm a self centered blogger ass.

Na na na ......I

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