Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dead Luke - on Sweet Rot .....Done

I read on the Termbo Boards that Dead Luke is no more, that he is really dead, when it comes to this project anyway.
From his

Hello all, After much consideration I have decided to call it quits on the Dead Luke recording project. There will still be several more releases coming out this year, but that will be the end. Also the Sacred Bones showcase at SXSW will be my final live performance. This by no means a total departure from playing music as I will continue to play in Absinthe Minds, and in Zola Jesus' backing band as well as several other projects in the works. Thanks for everyone's support over the last couple years! It's been fun! ---Luke

So this is the final 7" installment from Luke on Sweet Rot.
The track from DL on their myspace player is full of the deep luke echo vocals all full of emotion, really killing it... the beats are pure casio auto accompanyment. I love that synth/electronic has finally ended up here, it used to mean something unlistenable... taking itself really serious and least for me. I love low-fi direction this ignoring or going against the very nature of the source. Anti-digital. Recorded with no-fi and minimal takes, real bedroom nightmare, punched in vocals....I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually on a cassette 4-track.
It's some kind of future alright. That sounds like I want to see it. Too bad.

I guess he's going on to backup Zola Jesus and others...well that seemed quick, just when I was catching on, thanks to that awesome box set, and this will have to complete the trilogy.

It's $7.50 US because it's just over the cheaper weight limit, this thing must be heavier vinyl so pick something else up from them direct...I've been getting into the Blank-its and the Anals so there you go.
Pick your poison....on Sweet Rot records or Goner or Fusetron:

*Artist: DEAD LUKE
Title: S/T Format: 7" Label: Sweet Rot Country: USA Price: $6.00 "The third single from Madison, Wisconsins DEAD LUKE following his first two releases on Sacred Bones. Four songs that range from dark and haunting, to surprisingly poppy and upbeat, all home recorded with a perfect balance between electronics and guitars. Eye catching cover art courtesy of Ilth. 500 copies." -Sweet Rot

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