Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bob Log III on Munster records

It's no secret I love Doo Rag and these days that means Bob Log...what is he up to you ask? Still putting out singles....and on Spanish labels.
Still wearing a motorcycle helmet with a microphone duct taped inside, still stomping on the kick drum pedal through some combination of ho-down, messed up out of tune bluegrass? It's some reinterpretation of classic material. It's like taking the entire cannon of this style, and just forgetting it. To be aware of this era, and instruments and then working like you're from the year 2009. It's reworked. he loves this sound, he has forever...way before there even was low-fi ther was Bob, making his own god damn instruments.
Doo Rag was great. I'm going to go listen to those singles tonight. i really think he's responsible for my left turn into the full blown blues...I got some Robert Johnson and then was stuck on drinking and blues for months and months.
In one track on the myspace it sounds like he may have even electronic high hat? That's a first for Bob, but makes perfect sense, he's only one man god dammit, and he's already drumming and stomping...what , is his other foot going to run the high hat? Give me a, git over hea'. Robot, git on dat hi heat.
He probably talks like that....when he's drunk.

Limited edition Spanish import 7", comes with colour picture sleeve. Bob Log III is a one man band who wears a space helmet with old telephone receiver and Cannonball man overalls. He plays distorted steel guitar & two acoustic drums [bass, hi-hat] & basic lo/fi digital drums at the same time. Blues/core. Break/blues.

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