Wednesday, January 7, 2009

jacuzzi boys on Rob's house

Parasol must have the last few remaining copies of this, because it's been long sold out from Rob's House. I'm practically about to go get it, if I didn't already
order a bunch of crap the other day that probably went out already. It wasn't out on Rob's House very long before I saw the 'Sold Out' sign, and I'll admit it, it gets me to pay attention and look up the next single from them. I get caught up in it.
Plus if it's blessed by the house of Rob, then it's got to be good. I haven't ever been disappointed with a release...and that SIDS xmas single was of the holiday season.

I became a fan based on this review from sevententwelve and the Island Ave single that came out a while back, sold out from the source by now too....although I saw Academy has a few copies left as of last week.

They have a 60's-gaze sound, like they are doing some kind of impression of that echo drenched era. It's a good one, more authentic...or satisfying then the original...heavy on the tamborine. It's like the number one instrument these days.
The changes, the song structure is even the same, but it's sloppy like the best garage bands. It's more than just burying the sound, or dare I say hiding it under all kinds of effects. This sounds really specific and catchy and from an older time when music mattered...or was at least trying to entertain you, instead of make you work for it.

Jacuzzi Boys
Fought A Crocodile b/w Blowin' Kisses
PS, US LTD ED OF 600 (500 BLACK vinyl, 100 COLOR vinyl)! Miami, FL's eerie & alluring JACUZZI BOYS float on a hot cloud of misty & hypnotic grooves that suck you into their morbid world of jangling, distant guitars overlaid w/ ghostly chants that swell & recede like the sands of time slowly slipping through your tarnished soul. W/ a rollicking beat that sticks to your ribs & forces you to look deep within yourself for the answers to life's toughest questions, they have that magical "something" that you'll feel the 1st time you hear them.

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