Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wounded Lion on Down in the ground

Down in the ground is grinding out the latest in 7" innovation. The factory is working nonstop. Really, if there is a band going places, they have their scientists out in the field tracking and trapping the bands we've been dying to get on tiny wax.
Down in the ground has some serious funding and has captured the elusive Cold Cave, Blank Dogs and now Wounded Lion?
DITG, I am begging you to set up a subscription already. It's killing me to be paying shipping every other
week after I read about your latest on the Terminal Boredom Forums. This time it's the Wounded Lions who won me over, just barely, with songs of Muppet Babies and Degobah. I am a little jealous they can just write this genius pop culture reference...without trying to be funny or a wink anywhere. It's deadpan funny.
There is this place where it's really dark. There are people with asses for faces. The degobah system. But don't call me from there because it would be expensive.
I'm paraphrasing....but you get the idea, these are serious issues.

This is the 'Creatures in the cave' single. What could they possibly be talking about on this one? Is it that thing that tries to eat the milennium falcon? Is it Fraggles? Something to do with Nancy Drew? That old videogame.
The possibilities are endless.
WTF Guys!

There are 3 left of the first 100 green pressing!


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