Thursday, January 29, 2009

the one upstairs on Polyvinyl

How long will people still be listening to Cap'n Jazz? The echoes of their influence will be bouncing around probably forever. They will go into history like Slint...exponentially more influential every year.
It's almost like there is a weird mythology surrounding them...No one ever saw them live at this point, when they were first around, it's like 'My brothers friend saw them in this basement'....but
Analphabetapolothology sells consistently, a touchstone for a genre.
I have to admit that's how I first came across this band, The One Upstairs, and their single. Formed by a member of Cap'n Jazz but before the current project American Football.
I'm making it way to confusing. Cap'n Jazz bass player formed The One Upstairs, they have a single just released on Polyvinyl but they are no longer.
Not to compare it at all, but it's somewhere in that emo world...slightly mathy with lots of feeling vocals from various leads, trading verses, yelling in their asides...a response to the main line of the vocal story.
It's interesting musically enough to keep me coming back. It keeps doubling up the tempo and going back to slow it down, meticulously Pinback even at times, really complex. Simple guitar, no effects, picking complex melody and somehow repeating it, working it into an entirely different vocal melody you don't see coming. A softer Don Cab with feeling....I could see liking this, but it's part of a very specific genre that I don't visit much these days.
They're hunched over guitars, working their asses off in rehearsal, the idea that the music is work, there's more to just a loud chord or sound for sounds sake..driving away the listener because they can't take it. That's my reference point anyway...a bunch of hardworking guys still doing what they love and not taking it for granted.


THE ONE UP DOWNSTAIRS-s/t 7” (Polyvinyl/PRC112) $5.50 “The One Up Downstairs is members of American Football, Owen, and Very Secretary. For years The One Up Downstairs was discussed on message boards and became the frequent recipient of questions sent to the Polyvinyl info e-mail account: were they actually a band, did they sound like American Football, did they ever record? The answers to all of these questions are a resounding "yes." In an effort to make the songs available to fans Polyvinyl released the band’s only recorded output a few years ago, which led to another question: would the songs ever see a proper release as a 7"? Long sought after, these songs are now available as a 7" that includes a digital download code for the entire release.”

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